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Is it ok to ask here for details about ereader accessories?

I am a member of this site since a couple of days (well, a little more...), but I'm not sure if this question is really on topic here. Here is the problem: I have a Kobo Glo ereader, the first ...
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Is asking about software to work with ebooks ontopic?

I want to ask a question about software for transforming ebooks. Basically I am looking for software that detects which characters Point of View, the story is from, and reorders the chapters so that ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Do we really want to eliminate questions about Readers that are also tablets?

We have had a few questions (1) (2) where people have wanted to close the questions because the devices are not purely e-readers. Our help center states: Ebooks Stack Exchange is for ebook ...
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Are computer programming questions centered on e-book creation/consumption on-topic?

A question asking about a way to accomplish some e-book specific task in a programming language seems to be on-topic both here, and on StackOverflow/Programmers. Example: this one. Are such ...
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