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Abuse of downvote by non-cooperating users

This is in relation with the behavior of the Original Poster of this question: How to automatically hyphenate before sending to a device? Apparently this ebooks.stackexchange site has been in ...
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Do we really want to eliminate questions about Readers that are also tablets?

We have had a few questions (1) (2) where people have wanted to close the questions because the devices are not purely e-readers. Our help center states: Ebooks Stack Exchange is for ebook ...
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How can I optimize an epub file - Tips & Tricks question borders on off-topic. Should it be split into multiple questions?

The question How can I optimize an epub file? seems like it could be off-topic. Not in the sense that it isn't useful information, but moreso that it is a tips and tricks type question (these tend to ...
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In and Out of Bounds: Pricing, Marketing, etc

This site is going to attract questions by ebook authors about pricing, marketing, search engine optimization, and the like. In my opinion, those questions are squarely out of bounds for this site. ...
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What issues are candidates for off-topic reasons for the site?

Please propose ideas and areas where a line in the sand could be drawn for off-topic / custom close reasons and bullet points in the help center? Try to stick to one reason per answer so some sort of ...
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