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3 votes
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Should we try and get a team to work on advertising?

We all seem to acknowledge and support the idea that we need to do some advertising. But we are not really getting anywhere with it. My thought is that we get two or three people to take a more ...
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4 votes
4 answers

How do we promote our site?

This is one of The 7 Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta. What are we going to do to promote this site? Answers should address one or more means of spreading the word so that we attract the best ...
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5 votes
7 answers

What’s the “elevator pitch” for our site?

One of the Seven Essential Questions In one sentence describe the ebook community, from this will flow much of our advertising design. Related question What should our logo look like? One pitch per ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Should we advertise on MobileRead forums?

As far as I know, the MobileRead community is one of the largest and knowledgeable about ebooks and digital reading. Despite not even being registered, I've been lurking their forums since a lot of ...
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