There is new question and answer site writing.codidact.com that is receiving the attention of SE contributors.

There is a lot of good content here at books.se and after asking on their meta. I was able to confirm that they will accept posts from here that fit their scope:

  • How can I create a .pdf from a .epub file?
  • How can I export text from a .epub file?
  • What image formats can I embed in a XYZ file? (where XYZ is an ebook format)
  • What are the pros and cons of publishing in XYZ format versus ABC format?
  • What tools do I need to edit a XYZ file? (where XYZ is an ebook format)
  • Is there any software that will create an ebook from a Wordpress site?
  • Can I restrict an ebook so that it can only be read on certain devices?

All fine at writing.codidact.

  • I bought an ebook from _____. How can I read it on my Kindle/Nook/iOS device/etc.?
  • Why doesn't my Kindle/Nook/ereader show cover images?

Off-topic at writing.codidact. But if you want to ask from the publishing side (supporting other platforms, making sure your images show up), that would be on-topic.

  • Are there any waterproof ereaders available for purchase?
  • My [ereader or electronic device] isn't working because [specific problem]; how can I fix it?

Off-topic at writing.codidact.


If you would like to copy some of your in scope posts to you can either add to my post "Import Request." or create a new similar post. They will import the posts for you.

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