I am not much aware of the rules, so I try to ask in meta before asking in main forum: Can I ask question about how to jailbreak Kindle?

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    Ebook reader related questions tend to be in a grey area, depending on the context. This one may be considered off-topic, but I'll mark this question as featured to (hopefully) draw more attention to the rest of the community for discussion.
    – Jason Down Mod
    Commented Mar 3, 2016 at 16:43

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Such a question would really be off-topic. It's not about ebooks; it's about a particular use of an ebook reader that is not about ebooks per se. In other words, it's really a question about the Kindle hardware and operating system. Any relation to ebooks themselves is secondary, at best.

I would vote to close a question about jailbreaking a reader, for the same reason I closed the question discussed in Should Kindle Fire questions not about reading ebooks be off-topic?

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